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Tangled Thoughts by David Carroll Christopher Hunnicutt

Tangled Thoughts

by David Carroll Christopher Hunnicutt

172 pages
An author's personal ‘thoughts’ leading from alcohol abuse to sobriety.

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About the Book
Tangled Thoughts is an introduction, of sorts, to the life of Texas author David Hunnicutt. The book is a fun, easy read that challenges the reader to look deeply at life, and to closely examine their own hearts and minds. The “thoughts” and proses written within the work range from sweet to bittersweet to downright grief stricken regret and jump/shout happiness, bundled into one delightfully different approach to written words. It portrays a time of ‘life thoughts and observations’ which took the author from a dauntingly near fatal view of death at the hands of alcohol abuse, unto sobriety and recovery ... a quest for truths and enlightenment being his now chosen path to true ‘life’!

Exhibited in a somewhat nontraditional and uncommon manner, these collected and memorable thoughts of wonder, amusement, amazement, and occasional humor, appear sometimes heart-rending in this brutally honest and often satirically penned presentation. This collection is a journey of understanding; confusion, laughter, joy, and dismay present along the way, sometimes even unto tears. Composed primarily of one line reflections, this book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion as they experience life through the eyes of a recovering alcoholic who journals the entanglement of his thoughts, writing of seeing the world through completely sober eyes for the first time since the years of his youth.

Extracted from his heart and his mind, the author presents each 'missive' in randomly sequential format precisely as they entered his mind. An accepting and understanding mind, open to learning and left uncensored ~inasmuch as thoughts are not subject to being ‘censored’~ was adopted by the author as prerequisite for growth and enlightenment in life after journaling, studying, examining, learning from, and now sharing his inner-most thoughts with the intent of gaining ‘pure kindness towards others’ as the outcome of such a philosophical examination of life ...albeit, as a recovering alcoholic, the author’s “thoughts” and “truisms” are uplifting and inspirational; they can also be sad, poignant, funny, anti-establishmentarian, and even a bit vexing by nature if the reader happens to be involved in a line of occupation the author unapologetically points a finger of admonition towards ...truly food for thought.

"If my words touch the life of but one person and cause them to take steps in a more positive direction, then my time and my life will have been well spent."

“I see the world through the eyes of a teenager who for the first time has come to a realization that nothing is as what I thought; and simultaneously through the eyes of an experienced adult who realizes the bottle, the drugs, and the sordid affairs lead only to sorrow and pain. The ‘utopia’ they seem to present for a brief moment is but an entangling web of disillusion from reality ~a bastardization of the truth so easy to fall prey unto.”

A great read for laughter, tears, smiles, and reflection ...or just when you want something enlightening to read. This one just fits!



About the Author
David Carroll Christopher Hunnicutt The author is a world traveled and diversely experienced seeker of enlightenment and knowledge. His journeys led to many arenas of life; his choices ultimately led to loss of love/fortune ...everything once held so dear ~gone. His return to ‘living’ is presented through thoughts he pens whilst seeking his ‘truths’.



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