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Amazing Intuition: Expanding Your Most Important Resource by Debra Busemeyer Baker

Amazing Intuition: Expanding Your Most Important Resource

by Debra Busemeyer Baker

234 pages
Uplifting, inspiring guide for developing your own intuition with workbook pages

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Amazing Intuition provides a glimpse into the inner workings of the intuitive process, helping you to tune in to that ‘still, small voice’ that speaks your Truth. It offers a blueprint for living a joyful life through practical steps that build upon one another with the additional support of helpful workbook pages at the end of each chapter. While working the exercises and delving into the answers, you will develop practical, immediately relevant techniques for using your intuition in everyday life.

Before getting into specific procedures, Amazing Intuition helps you explore and work through some of the common obstacles that might prevent you from tuning in to the messages of Spirit. In fact, some of these techniques might help you through other challenges in your life as well.

The middle chapters get to the heart of things – just how do you do it? While some describe a single “sixth sense,” Debra views intuition as several additional senses, which she describes and then follows with ways to apply them in your life. Chock full of stories that you can identify with, Debra makes it easy by sharing her intuitive process and leading the way for you to develop your own. By examining the messages themselves, as well as the ways you obtain them, you will learn how to gain information and then be able to decipher the unique language Spirit uses to speak directly to you.

Amazing Intuition offers a unique perspective on psychic emotions, detailing just where in the body specific feelings are typically experienced and then making suggestions for how to deal with them both in others and yourself. Picking up on emotions can provide an important key to understanding what makes people tick and what their blockages might be to living a happy life. Debra provides insight into applying the intuitive process with charts to help you identify emotions in the body, and differentiate pure emotions from the thoughts and dramas people sometimes create to avoid feeling.

Through her enlightening, entertaining stories, Debra shares how her intuitive abilities surfaced practically overnight, although their roots had been growing since childhood. Her personal story will inspire you to not only develop your intuitive abilities but also to look within to the Spirit that is your truest essence.

While reading Amazing Intuition, you feel like you’re having a cup of coffee with your neighborhood psychic talking about the gamut of topics, such as: ghosts, spirit guides, angels, intuitive children, spirit animals, telepathic pets, signs, deceased loved ones, energy work, healing, and much more. Debra’s frank answers and humble attitude present the supernatural in a way that seems natural.

Amazing Intuition will give you a deeper knowledge of yourself, your talents and abilities, and, most importantly, a greatly increased sense of just how precious you are and how blessed we all are to be having these human experiences we call lives.



About the Author
Debra Busemeyer Baker Debra Busemeyer Baker has helped people transform their lives since 1988 when she discovered she could do automatic writing and communicate with angels, spirit guides, and people who have died. She is a gifted psychic medium, Reiki Master, energy worker, and Oneness Blessing Giver, located in the Kansas City area.



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