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LOVE NEVER FAILS: Wrestling with Autism by Linda Shannon

LOVE NEVER FAILS: Wrestling with Autism

by Linda Shannon

96 pages
A mother contends with autism, seeking freedom for her son.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Love Never Fails Wrestling With Autism embraces short stories about a family seeking freedom from the spiritual bondage of autism. It contains a motherís zealous conversations with God; poetry jam-packed with love, energy, and intensity. Godís unlimited love and favor flow from each page.

A motherís love is like no other love on this earth. It is extensive, vast, and endless. God equipped mothers with an internal love sensor that provides them with clues about the mysteries regarding their children. However, this sensor does not include instructions. Walking by faith and not by sight is the only hope to discover what God desires for your children daily. This motherís journey of increased faith, immense heartache, massive courage, renewed understanding, fresh revelations, and feeling of hopelessness have stretched her beyond imagination. She is focused on fighting for her sonís freedom, but God uses this spiritual battle to transform her into the woman He has fearfully and specifically designed. Her journey is long, exhausting, and humorous. She gives God all the honor and praise for each day of strength, courage, and wisdom. Without Him we can do nothing.



About the Author
Linda Shannon is a poet with a gift of encouragement and perception. God produced within her heart at the age of six years old, a huge and fervent tenderness for people with special needs and major social struggles. This compassion inside her soul continues to radiate.



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