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The Wedding on Big Bone Hill by Steven Key Meyers

The Wedding on Big Bone Hill

by Steven Key Meyers

152 pages
The RV lifestyle in a Kansas Eden, with serpents!

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About the Book
After losing his lover and, in the wake of 9/11, his job, Jack hits the road in a classic RV on the quest for Paradise, USA. It seems he’s found it in a summer job at a bucolic Kansas park, but this Eden turns out to be as tricky as the original.park.

Percy, a stickler for the rules whose daughter Donna is shortly to marry the head ranger atop Big Bone Hill, runs the park. His conviction is that everyone tries to get away with something, but that anyone once allowed to get away with anything will try to get away with more, and he (if he alone) can see where that leads—he being the poster child for getting away with nothing. Percy's constant search for infractions keeps the whole community on edge, including his widow friend Maureen, Dennis (who handles the entrance booth), and the Beanblossoms, workamper entrepreneurs who introduce into Eden the shirtless Rick.

When, on the late summer weekend when The Wedding on Big Bone Hill is to take place, a little boy goes missing, Percy undertakes the lonesome task of dealing out justice—threatening tragedy in an otherwise ruefully funny celebration of the upside-down underpinnings of an American microcosm.


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About the Author
Steven Key Meyers Steven Key Meyers was born on a farm near Grand Junction, Colorado, raised in various Midwestern and Eastern locales, and now lives in darkest Indiana. His novels include "Queer's Progress," "New York / Siena" (including "The Man Who Owned New York" and "Springtime in Siena), "All That Money" and "Good People."



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