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The United States of Texas by Joe Hornsby

The United States of Texas

by Joe Hornsby

398 pages
International Action Adventure. Utopian society to Al Qaeda attacks.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
A action/adventure fiction novel. Begins with a secret NSA hospital in a foreign country. A paralyzed mute patient is suffering the results of a near fatal assignation attempt. The attempt on his life took place in Florida. Why is he in a foreign country and who sent him there.

A Doctor from Germany is brought in to treat him. Will he be able to reverse his condition? Will the patient recover?

A near utopian society is established in the hill country of Texas. Why was this done? Will this drastic and unexpected change be accepted?

What is the 'Committee for Change'? What is their purpose? What are their long term goals? They talk big but will they carry through on their threats if their goals are not met?

There is a Al Qaeda attack resulting in massive destruction and death. There is a mole in the Hospital that brought about the attack. The local police reveal the real source of the attack, in the Middle East. Will there be an opportunity to eliminate the source of the attack?

A Fatwa is issued for the death of several people. Will the Fatwa be carried out. Was the Al Qaeda attack a result of the Fatwa?

Eventually the settlement at Paradise Valley is completed. The residents become aware of the Committee for change and are shocked at what they learn of their intentions.

Politics come into play. There is a shocking and surprise ending to the book.



About the Author
Former member of a Top Secret U.S. Intelligence gathering organization. While in the U.S. Air Force was stationed in Japan, Philippine Islands and Turkey.

Following military service he traveled the world while employed by various offshore drilling contractors.

Author is retired. He and his wife live in Houston, Texas



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