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Lone Jack by Larry Sager

Lone Jack

by Larry Sager

245 pages
A three-year-old girl is abducted by two thieves.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Zerelda had awakened, thoroughly disoriented, to find herself imprisoned in a three-year-old’s body and with a small child’s speech impediment to boot! And sitting in a smelly, gap-toothed idiot’s lap in an old dilapidated truck was almost more than she could bear.

In real life, if there were such a thing, she had been the mother of Frank and Jesse James. After the Civil War her boys had gone into the banking business, but at the point of a gun, and all they ever made was withdraws. She had buried Jesse beside the old farmhouse, and had gone to her maker seeking eternal peace, but did that happen? Hell no! Every time one of her female descendants got into trouble she was called to the rescue.

One of her most recent resurrections had occurred when her great granddaughter’s husband, Hugh, came home dragging a suitcase full of money belonging to a Kansas City drug lord. Maggie didn’t have the expertise to handle the situation, so she’d stepped in, occupying Maggie’s conscience mind to set things right.

As far as revivals went, it was always, “Here you are!” and she’d show up without a hint of what the hell it was all about. In this case, it appears, after listening to the two brotherly cretins talk, Jessica, Zerelda’s host, had been taken hostage during a bank robbery. And believe it or not, the two idiots took her directly (well not quite directly, but somewhat) to their parent’s, which were upstanding pillars of the community…right? Not exactly, but the lady of the house has a childless sister that has always wanted one of the little critters.

A call is made and her sister is more than happy to take this young bundle in, but the ‘cretin’ brothers require a trade. One baby for one truck and they’d even throw in the one they were driving. It was hot and that has nothing to do with the weather, because there is a raging blizzard outside. The intensity of the storm is such that Missouri had never seen such a monster in all of its recorded history. So, the two brothers, Homer and Clyde take off with Jessica at night in this blowing storm for their uncles farm just outside of Lone Jack, Missouri, with Jessica’s grandparents, Maggie and Hugh Spencer, hot on their heels.

Will any of them survive the storm or will it end in a gunfight for possession of the child? So be fair, read from the front to the back cover and no peeking.



About the Author
Larry Sager developed a taste for adventure early in life. As a sailor, for seven years, he sailed the world's oceans, walked the streets of Beirut, Istanbul, and from working as a Texas cowhand, to manager of a small manufacturing firm in Las Vegas, he brings a lifetime of experience to his novels.



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