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The Dragon Legend of Wah by Jerry Sawyer

The Dragon Legend of Wah

by Jerry Sawyer

56 pages
A tale of adventure and courage, and yes, a dragon.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In the Year of the Clown in a land with two moons, Ha-Ree sets out to save the town from the dragon, but more importantly, his brave task must help him win the heart of Princess Je-Nee. He is aided by little brother Je-Free who must make sure the Princess knows who went to tame the dragon -- in case he never returns.

This story blends adventure and strong family values with humor and surprise.



About the Author
Jerry Sawyer Jerry Sawyer is a retired Public Television television producer/director and a playwright with three musicals on the subject of fathers & sons. He lives in State College, PA, with his wife and their two kayaks.



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