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BREAST ENVY: Why Women Love Them & The Men Who Lust Them by Peter Sacco

BREAST ENVY: Why Women Love Them & The Men Who Lust Them

by Peter Sacco

297 pages
Do you ever wonder why women's breasts are so popular?

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Breast Envy is a fun pop-psychology book which tries to explain the competitiveness which exists in women today--namely, how far they will go to compete against other women for supremacy! Sigmund Freud was the famous Psychoanalyst who coined the term "Penis Envy", which explained how women used to envy men back in the day. Well, today there is Breast Envy, which explains the nuances that women create for themselves.

In the 2000's, how far have women really come into their own--creating a sense of independence from men, and "sexism"? Breast Envy explores the various psychological and sociological theories behind the power of female sexuality in today's society.



About the Author
Peter Sacco is a psychology professor and host of the popular Toronto radio show Matters of The Mind. He is an international lecturer and author residing in Niagara falls, Canada.

Debra Laino is a board certified sex therapist and university instructor. She is makes countless media appearances across the USA which she calls home.



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