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Island War by Tom Caruso

Island War

by Tom Caruso

448 pages
Island War - a terrorist attack on America's homeland.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Island War is a historical novel with the political and military conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians as the foundation for the dilemma that traps the United States in their epic struggle. The war between these two adversaries is brought to America’s homeland and results in the conquest of a small island and thousands of hostages being taken. A rogue Palestinian militant masterminds this plot and brings about a paradigm shift to the war on terror. His intent is to have America force Israeli to make concessions, while American lives hang in the balance. His ultimate goal is the creation of a sovereign state of Palestine.


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About the Author
Tom Caruso Tom Caruso is a retired educator, having served as a teacher and principal in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

A history enthusiast and student of politics, Tom has followed the long standing troubles of the Middle East with interest, which prompted the writing of his first novel.



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