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Cashing In by Larry Sager

Cashing In

by Larry Sager

200 pages
Hugh Spencer finds a suitcase full of 100 dollar bills.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
Hugh and Maggie Spencer’s home is nestled on five beautifully treed acres, not far from the old James farm, which is the birthplace of Frank and Jesse James. The two brothers were legendary bank robbers of the 1800’s. Maggie is descended from that family, and she takes pride in her infamous relatives.

Maggie’s father and brother live with them. Known as Pops, Maggie’s father has always been considered somewhat peculiar, but he has blossomed into a full-blown eccentric since retirement. Her brother is a Vietnam veteran. Gil had received a crippling wound to his right leg during that undeclared war, and he also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Loud noises will send Gil back to the jungles in a flash.

Hugh works as a radio technician for Federal Express. At a hilltop radio site, he discovers a suitcase full of one hundred dollar bills. He knows that he should turn the money over to the authorities, but it could solve all of his and Maggie’s financial problems. In spite of the knowledge that his visit to the site is documented and he can be traced, he heads for home with the money. If Maggie insists that he turn it in, he will do so.

When Hugh reveals his discovery to Maggie, she goes into shock. Maggie’s personality submerges and that of her great-grandmother’s surfaces to take over her consciousness. Zerelda James, a hard woman from hard times, was the mother of Frank and Jesse. Hugh believes that Maggie’s personality has split, and Zerelda is Maggie’s creation, born to handle demanding situations. Zerelda hides the money, refusing to let Hugh turn it in. From there on, Zerelda takes over in times of stress.

In keeping the money, Hugh unwittingly embroils the whole family in a running gun battle with a Kansas City drug kingpin, Nick Clemente. Humorous at times, but with luck and the determined leadership of Zerelda, the family proves to be a match for the drug lord and the small army that he sends against them. The Spencer’s pasture begins to fill with the bodies of their fallen enemies. Ever sensitive to the prying eyes of the law and that of his distant neighbor’s, Hugh disguises the graves by planting walnut trees above them while drinking his favorite diet-beer (light).



About the Author
Larry Sager developed a taste for adventure early in life. As a sailor he sailed the world's oceans aboard the Forrestal. From working as a cowhand in Texas, to managing a small factory in Las Vegas, he brings a lifetime of experience to his novels.



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