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Galahad Dawning by Dennis Atkinson

Galahad Dawning

by Dennis Atkinson

500 pages
Galahad Dawning, by Dennis M. Atkinson, is a private military adventure to rescue a woman who has been kidnapped by a Colombian criminal gang seeking revenge against her father, a wealthy South American businessman. The objective is to torment relatives by threatening to torture the victim. Rescuers struggle to arm, organize and launch before the victim is brutalized and killed. Galahad also must be launched before Hurricane Mitch roars into the area of the operation.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Former U.S. military volunteers attempt to rescue the daughter of a wealthy South American businessman who has been kidnapped by a vengeful criminal gang and is being held at a fortified compound in the rain forested mountains of Colombia. The gang leader threatens to torture and mutilate the young woman as the rescue group hastily organizes and arms up as the clock is ticking.

The rescue operation is also threated by the approach of Hurricane Mitch and the treachery of an espionage agent. The operation entails flying a rebuilt C-130 transport up a canyon and landing on a short rough airstrip in the rain forest.

Two other lawless gangs may join the fight to prevent the rescue. Can these former Marines and soldiers surprise the kidnappers, free the hostage and fight their way back to the aircraft?



About the Author
Dennis Atkinson holds a degree in Mandarin Chinese, a Certificate of International Business from the U. of Washington, and an advanced studies certificate from the U.S. State Department Foreign Service Institute. He is a retired U.S. Marine officer,combat veteran and intelligence officer.



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