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ELIMINATE THE IRS: Replace With The New 0-10-20 Tax Code by Roy Pecenka

ELIMINATE THE IRS: Replace With The New 0-10-20 Tax Code

by Roy Pecenka

122 pages
Eliminate the IRS. Not many had this thought until the IRS scandal of 2013. Most knew that the IRS was the most brutal collection agency in the USA; now most know that the IRS targets groups that politicians dislike. The IRS has employees committing criminal acts. Eliminate the IRS by Roy Pecenka supplies a new tax code and an organization to replace the IRS. It also suggests eliminating all 90,000+ IRS employees and the 75,000+ page tax code.

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About the Book
This book is about eliminating the existing IRS; the most brutal collection agency in the world; the most brutal political tool available to eliminate opponents. However, the book does not stop there. It provides a new tax code to replace the existing 75,000+ page IRS tax code. The book also suggests how to replace the existing 90,000+ employee federal agency.

The new tax code is named 0-10-20; that is 0% tax rate, 10%, and 20%. The only item taxed is individual income; that is not Adjusted Gross Income as today. Thus, an individual uses no credits, deductions, or adjustments. Most corporations pay no tax and individuals pay no gift or estate taxes under the 0-10-20 tax code. Proof is offered to demonstrate that the 0-10-20 new tax code can replace existing federal tax collections.

The 0-10-20 tax code uses two new tax forms; one is for indivduals and one is for businesses with less than 5 employees. Each is less than 10 lines long; this is truly a post card form. This should make compliance easier as it is easier to know what one's taxes are.

The new replacement for the IRS is named the Collection Section of the Treasury Department. The Collection Section has about 100 federal employees. This is because it contracts out the tax collection and aduting process to private sector contactors. It is easier to eliminate contractors versus federal employees. The Collection Section is required to always have at least two contactors for checks and balance purposes; each contractors receives at maximum 5 year contracts; these are renewed or canceled on an annual basis.

The book also suggest an implementation plan for the new 0-10-20 tax code and the new federal agency. One is a standalone plan. The other is a comprehensive political plan for the conservative/Republican party.

The author is not an anarchist. It is unbelievable to suggest eliminating the entire IRS. However, in 2013, the US public discovered that the IRS had been used as a political tool against conservative groups. No one, progressive or conservative, should have to suffer from the IRS used as a political tool. The behavior of existing IRS employees can not be modified. The only answer is to eliminate the IRS and replace with the new 0-10-20 tax code and a new agency.



About the Author
The author draws upon a 35 year career; half in the public sector and half in the private sector. The public sector views in this book come from personal experience. The author also draws upon his post graduate work; much of this was contrasting the public and private experience.



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