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HOW TO NEEDLE TAT: A Beginner's Guide Book by Laura Evans

HOW TO NEEDLE TAT: A Beginner's Guide Book

by Laura Evans

68 pages
Complete instructions to learn beginning needle tatting.

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Category: Crafts
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About the Book
A beginner can learn all of the needle tatting basics from this book. How to Needle Tat is designed for the complete novice. For people who have never held a needle, it begins with how to thread a needle.

Historically, tatting was considered the poor man's lace. It requires very few purchases: tatting needle, thread, needle threader, and a crochet hook.

This illustrated book gives you step-by-step instructions to make the double stitch—the primary stitch used in tatting. Actually, the double stitch is a Lark’s head knot. Since it is a knot, your work will not unravel.

In addition, there is an entire section on how to read a tatting pattern. Every step of the Little Lace Flower pattern is fully written down. Then the same pattern is translated into three forms: abbreviated, numeric, and a diagram.

There is a reference section which includes the most common techniques and definitions. You can learn to add new thread to an incomplete project, to make a Josephine Knot, and many other techniques.

Finally, you can learn to make a pinning board. This board is used when finishing your lace. Also, several alternative methods are described in the chapter "Finishing Tatted Lace."

When finished, the Little Lace Flower can adorn a greeting card, be used as a holiday tree ornament, or appliquéd to a quilt, clothes, or any other fabric.


"A great tutorial for learning needle tatting! A must have for new students."
- Georgia Seitz, Teacher, Author
"This is an excellent book for the beginning needle tatter."
- International Organization of Lace, Inc.



About the Author
Laura Evans has been tatting for more than 14 years. She teaches needle and shuttle tatting classes. Her work has won county and state fair awards. She is the owner of ABC Tatting Patterns. Currently, she is updating her website to offer downloadable tatting pattern.



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