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Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys by Karen Blanchard

Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys

by Karen Blanchard

116 pages
Adventure of 7 boys,1 girl, and the mystery dog.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Kids ages from 7-13 will enjoy this fictitious children's chapter book because there is never a dull moment!

Its summer break and eight cousins go for a visit to their Meme and Poor Paw's out in the country. They always seem to get into a little mischief and have lots of imagination wandering around in the woods. Then there is Samuel T. Bonecrackin who has a way of coming around when the kids are in a jamb. He scares them because he shows up from nowhere and Poor Paw has never heard of him before. Poor Paw knows everyone who lives in this small community.

They spend their time crawdad fishing, treasure hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. In the back of their minds they are always keeping an eye out for the mystery dog.

In the deep woods in the south there is a mystery dog that wanders through the area that blows fire. The kids are always trying to find him but are really afraid that they might, because this dog is not your ordinary dog. Poor Paw calls it the Fangled Tooth Red Fire Farting Dog!

There is adventure, mystery, funny moments, soft moments, and good morals all wrapped up into one book.




About the Author
Karen Blanchard Karen Blanchard wrote this book for her grandchildren. They loved it so much she decided to share it with all the kids. Karen has three daughters and four grandchildren with an extension to her family of another daughter, one son and four more grandchildren.



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