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Flash Drive - The Hidden Agenda by James Orui

Flash Drive - The Hidden Agenda

by James Orui

452 pages
Kumiko struggles to survive while investigating why shes a target.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Witnessing the brutal beating of her friend and protector, Sarah Willier now fears for her life. She flees to Canada in possession of the item which she believes may have been the cause of the beating, a flash drive.

In desperation Sarah seeks out her estranged cousin, Kumiko Sato, who is less than enthusiastic about the reunion. Sato is a Mountie and she knows that Sarah is trouble; their association could cost Kumiko her job. But Sarah is family and Kumiko cannot turn her away.

The two women soon reunite, but its not all sunshine and roses. They have no idea how their reunion will change their lives forever. They are soon thrown down a path littered with bodies and deceptions. More than once they barely escape with their lives in their quest to discover the truth and survive to talk about it. In the end its up to Kumiko to unravel the mystery and seek revenge for the wrongs done to her and her cousin.

Can she survive? And can she do so without losing a part of her soul?



About the Author
James Orui is an active member of Canadian law enforcement with nearly 30 years experience. He has worked in over a dozen various capacities as a police officer.

Currently he calls the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada home, where he resides with his wife and two daughters.



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