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Animal Rescue Team by Linda Jakubowski

Animal Rescue Team

by Linda Jakubowski

39 pages
A boy tries to form an Animal Rescue Team.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Braden North loves animals!

He loves to bring them to school to show his class, and he loves the classroom pets his teacher brings in.

But one day something awful happens.

His school principal announces that animals, of any kind, will no longer be allowed in school!

Braden must problem solve and come up with a way to bring animals back to school.

When his third grade teacher tells her students they are to come up with a class project for the animal unit they are studying in science, Braden may have his chance.

But how can you study animal environments with real animals when animals are not allowed in school?

Readers in grades 1-4 will love to find out the plan Braden thinks up. Along with his friends Lucas and the often bossy Cheri Lee, Braden has fun but meets some troubles along the way. Can they succeed in becoming an Animal Rescue Team?



About the Author
Linda has been a teacher for over twenty-five years. Although she has written stories for her children and students,this is her first published Ebook. The inspirations for this story are her two grandsons and their dog Wrigley. Linda lives in Illinois with her husband Wally and their dog Staja.



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