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Doctrines of Antiworld by Edward Goldman

Doctrines of Antiworld

by Edward Goldman

382 pages
Philosophy of descent; being as the Nothinging of Nothingness.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
To philosophy's famous question: "Why is there something when there could be nothing?" this book replies: There is nothing. It is this Nothing's rift into annihilative antitheses that make world "seem." This implacable Descent to Nothingness exhibits the delusion of aliveness characterized by paradox, reflexiveness, decadence, virtuality and obsession with death. Our vaunted technology, time, progress, energy...constitute a Doctrinal canon of denial of Descent, whose reification is "mind-world," hence, a collectivity of "dying-&-death."



About the Author
Grew up in Dorchester & Hull, Ma. Graduated Carnegie Tech. Held many jobs, from engineer to designer to writer to business manager. Lives in Wellfleet, Ma.



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