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A.O.B. Purse First by T Mack

A.O.B. Purse First

by T Mack

240 pages
This story tells how criminals transform themselves into productive citizens.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
This novel describes a character we may have encountered in some stage for our lives. While fictitiously created, "Money Clip" resides where fact and fiction cross that thin line of belief and imagination. His journey starts on the wicked streets of Los Angeles and travels to the crisp scenery of Portland. He sticks thumb tacks on the map pinpointing Miami, Canada, and other regions of the globe, where the sale of sex is prominent.

Although he excelled in the trade of a flesh peddling pimp for most of his adolescence, maturity led him to see otherwise. He began to initiate a plan to detour himself and his constituents away from the street life. An astonishing plot, followed by a mystique crisis, concluded by a triumphant resolution has left the underworld curious readers breath-taken by the pimp's phenomenon.

As he progressed towards his destiny of leaving his unlawful past behind him, the skeletons began to surface from the closets and his past had come to "haunt and taunt" him. Detective Nelson was one of his darkest nightmares while Christine, his child hood sweetheart, seemed to be even more of a mystery when she appeared.

Escaping the devils grip while trying to grab an Angel was the controversial task he had to overcome to claim his final trophy in the game.



About the Author
T Mack was raised in a time when black authors were on the rise. Although educated in the school systems, the streets still had a grasp on his interest. These are the elements that inspired his writings which depict some emanate expressions that he shares with his readers.



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