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The Summer of Rain: Odyssey of a Young PI by Jon Kolb

The Summer of Rain: Odyssey of a Young PI

by Jon Kolb

196 pages
Young Detective solves a crime, saves his parents, and survives.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Young Bobby Broyles has one foot in his new world as a Private Investigator and one back in the conventional working class world of his parents, friends and an ex-girlfriend. As Bobby navigates life among murderous drug dealers,corrupt politicians and beguiling rich women, he returns to Mom and Dad for reassurance and moral compass. When a drug dealer bent on revenge takes aim at Bobby's parents, roles are reversed and Bobby becomes their protector.

Set in a small town besieged with a wave of violence and a summer of deadening rain and mist, The Summer of Rain is peopled with street snitches, cynical funeral directors, professional killers and callous country club youth. In this sea of confusion and crime, Bobby searches for the mysterious, missing wife of a shady businessman. His journey to the truth is his trial of young manhood.

The Summer of Rain has been described by the editor of a major publishing house as having "a crisp, aware feel to it that caught me as a reader and held me throughout."

Can Bobby solve the crime he has been hired to solve, save his parents and survive beatings and deadly assaults by his enemies? Come along for the ride.



About the Author
Jon Kolb is a published short story writer and author of three plays that have been produced in his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He resides there with his wife and near his three daughters and three grandchildren. Jonathan Kolb's short story, "Sammy", will be featured in the April, 2014 edition of Midwest Prairie Review. "Sammy" chronicles the difficult return to civilian life of a veteran of the wars in the Mideast.



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