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Stalker by James C. MacIntosh


by James C. MacIntosh

210 pages
Someone is stalking Susan Cook. Will she live, or die?

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
When Susan Cook is involved in a motor vehicle accident, her life is almost immediately turned into a terrifying drama that intensifies as each day passes.

Soon after the accident, a series of chilling events takes place. A brazen message scrawled on her patio sliding door, frightful phone calls and a housebreak while Susan and her family are away for the evening, serve to unsettle her and her loved ones.

After Jeremy, her husband, is taunted by the unknown caller, he viciously attacks the prime suspect in the case and is jailed until his lawyer can arrange his release. Susan and her two children, Rachel and Ben, are now at the mercy of the stalker.

Enter Ralph Blanton, a kindly 76-year old neighbor, who steps in to try and keep the harried woman and her children safe. Susan's faith in the ability of her elderly friend to protect her family is shaken by two horrific attacks, which prove this stalker will stop at nothing to get to Susan.



About the Author
James C. MacIntosh James C. MacIntosh is the author of five novels and a collection of short stories. His home is nestled in the hills of a quiet New England town, where he lives with his wife, Carol. They are the proud parents of three children, five grandchildren and a great grandchild.



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