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Collision of Forces by David DeHart

Collision of Forces

by David DeHart

416 pages
In Collision of Forces it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad. Seventy-year-old retired spooks Dan Dailey and his pal Bull, chase Iranian spies hacking U.S. secrets into a corner where they meet in a collision of fatal force.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
They're back! In this third Dan Dailey thriller, seventy-year retired intelligence agents chase an Iranian spy through the back streets of Istanbul, Turkey.

An American army intelligence case officer is killed during a meeting with his Iranian double agent. A copy of a classified email is found on his body, launching a high-level investigation in which an American special ops marine captain is arrested by Turkish MIT. The politically awkward dilemma requires someone with a history of contacts with the Turks... someone who has sources and methods to carry out the sensitive mission.

The Defense Intelligence Agency calls on retired Colonel Dan Dailey, an expert in Middle-East espionage. Dan insists on bringing his longtime sidekick, Bull Bulliard, and his son, Major Chris Bulliard along on a nonstop action romp in Turkey.

Can these seventy-something old spooks meet the challenge? Unexpected forces do their damnedest to make sure they can't. This mission is doomed from the start... or is it?


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About the Author
David DeHart DeHart is a retired Army intelligence officer with service in Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Germany and Italy. He is the author of five novels published by Dave lives and writes in Wilsonville, Oregon.



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