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Magic of Golden Sorrow by Peter J. Smith and Alicia M. Smith

Magic of Golden Sorrow

by Peter J. Smith and Alicia M. Smith

400 pages
Spell-binding magical fantasy action, mystical creatures, evil unstoppable forces.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
This spell-binding magical fantasy weaves a tale filled with action, adventure and intrigue replete with dark creatures and evil unstoppable forces. Marigold, a lovely young golden-haired wizardess, becomes destined to save her family, friends and her world after her father and mentor (wizards Vorn and Ranith) are presumed dead in the Wilds of Daksin.

Tager, a dwarven prince and his loyal guard Tolkbin, must fulfill Ranith’s last wish to seek out the wizardess and a magical arrow she holds. Together, they set out on a journey joining forces along the way with the nimble elf Alory, tough as nails Cobalt the barbarian and Redlar a seasoned Trelonian Scout.

The questors head west traversing strange lands, suffering numerous misfortunes and the dominion of death. Join them as they battle for survival against hideous monsters and malevolent beings. Vastly outnumbered by the powers of Sanrue’s evil realm, they forge on using their skills while creating strong friendships with an array of unlikely cohorts.

The wizardess proves ever resilient as victory or defeat lies in the secret of Magic of Golden Sorrow.



About the Author
Peter J. Smith and Alicia M. Smith Pete was a bright, precocious young man who passed in 1997. The gift of prose came in the form of Magic of Golden Sorrow. His last wish was to share his manuscript with fantasy lovers everywhere. He hoped his writings would inspire others to cherish life, love and family.

Alicia prays others will enjoy this magical fantasy and looks forward to bringing Magic of Golden Sorrow to life in all media formats from talented musicians, geeks and artists worldwide. She thanks God for all her blessings, especially the first publication of Magic of Golden Sorrow.



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