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It's Your Move: An Inner Journey Utilizing Horses or Bicycles Based on the 12 Step Program by Eitan Eckstein

It's Your Move: An Inner Journey Utilizing Horses or Bicycles Based on the 12 Step Program

by Eitan Eckstein

64 pages
Groundbreaking empowerment and addiction treatment through horse and bicycle workshops.

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
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About the Book
Is addiction a problem—or a solution?
Can addiction be prevented?
How can you motivate an addict to enter treatment?
Why do good kids from the upper socioeconomic strata of society become addicts?
Who is really in charge of my life, me or my emotions?
What is codependency and how does it affect the addict in my life?
Do we have to blame ourselves for our loved one’s addiction?

To navigate life’s journey, all you need is a map and a compass. What happens if the compass falls and becomes damaged? You won’t be able to continue your journey without getting seriously lost.

Welcome to the life of an addict. An addict is someone whose internal compass is damaged; they think they are following the right path but in reality they have no idea which way is north.

Since its inception the 12 Step program has been helping addicts achieve and maintain recovery. For over 25 years Rabbi Eckstein has been providing specialized treatment programs to addicts the world over, making him one of today’s foremost experts on recovery. His groundbreaking work at Retorno Rehab Center in Israel has given rise to an innovative method to learn and practice the 12 Steps through horseback riding and bicycle riding. In eight sessions, you will come to understand how the 12 Step program can help you—and others—break free from the clutches of addiction and lead a life in which you once again have free choice. Go on, it’s your move.



About the Author
Rabbi Eitan Eckstein is the founder and director of Retorno, the International Jewish Center for Prevention and Treatment of Addictions. A former captain in the Israeli army, he is a world-renowned expert in the field of addiction with degrees in both social work and therapeutic horseback riding.



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