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The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret - A Jenny & Pete Mystery by Hays Williams

The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret - A Jenny & Pete Mystery

by Hays Williams

94 pages
Jenny and Pete search for, and eventually find, Bobby’s dad.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Bobby Roland is a born comic and impressionist. He’s multi-talented, charismatic, and popular with the other students. He helped Jenny Evans and Pete Montgomery with The Mystery of the Dogman and with The Secret of Bonner House. Bobby’s one desire has always been to find his father, and his mom won’t help.

When Bobby loses his mom in an auto accident, Jenny and Pete set out to find his dad. They’re sure his mom left a clue of some kind and are determined to find it. Because Bobby looks so much like a well-known state senator, they create a plan to get a sample of the senator’s DNA.

Another student creates big problems for them. Nigel Young, a spoiled rich boy, has aspirations of his own. He’s jealous of Bobby’s talent and is determined to beat him to the spotlight.

As they get closer to finding out the truth about Bobby’s dad, Jenny suspects that Bobby and Pete have a secret of their own. She never dreams the answer will be revealed on Christmas Day.



About the Author
Hays Williams A former human-interest columnist and business writer, Hays Williams is the author of The Mystery of the Dogman and The Secret of Bonner House, the first two books in The Jenny & Pete Mystery Series. She and her husband live in Arkansas. They have three children and seven grandchildren.



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