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Searching for Paradise and Other Stories by Gerard Marconi

Searching for Paradise and Other Stories

by Gerard Marconi

220 pages
A collection of humorous and provocative short stories.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
WINNER: Best Short Fiction - the Self Publishing Review

Searching for Paradise is a collection of humorous and provocative short stories that explore the need for satisfaction or completion often referred to as paradise. Some are about the search for immortality and the divine. Others are about the creation of art and the imitation of nature. Some are about the yearning of the human heart for love and understanding, while others deal with what happens when we experience the opposite. A museum guard helps capture a thief even as he dreams of stealing a famous painting. An anthropologist seeks to unravel the mystery of an ancient fertility figure while coping with his own flagging libido. A zealous young man tries to convert a gay couple just before the Apocalypse. Andy Warhol recalls his childhood but forgets to wear his silver wig on his last trip to the hospital. Another famous artist tries to see beneath the surface of things and depict a deeper meaning with the shapes and colors on his canvas. And Samuel Beckett finds himself in hell despite his disbelief in the afterlife. These and other stories in this collection will entertain and enlighten the curious reader.



About the Author
Gerard Marconi Gerard Marconi is the author of Gods and Heroes, a novel about growing up in Baltimore during the 1960s. The novel is humorous and profound in its exploration of love, sex, and religion. His short fiction has appeared in The Chattahoochee Review, The Summerset Review, and Mayday, an online magazine.



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