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Secrets From Heaven: A Hidden Treasure by Oliver Mason

Secrets From Heaven: A Hidden Treasure

by Oliver Mason

148 pages
The existence of man will always be based on the wisdom he obtains

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
To make oneís self change into the being they were meant to be, they must first go to the one that created them. Only the Creator can help them become their original self. Turning to other people for advice will help you become like them and the advice they give you. Following them will not help you become like your Maker. A kettle cannot tell its Maker who and what it is, nor can it tell other creations what they are or their purpose.

In this world, people define what life is about. They create rules to live by and force others to live their way. People are following traditions held by other men. Their ways are not Godís ways, for their minds are not Godly. They focus on what they want and not on what pleases their Maker. This book reveals their methods, traditions, and outcomes. It sheds light on the true thoughts of the Maker and how He wants us to live. It reveals what is hidden in the hearts of men. It reveals what is hidden in the readerís heart and it sheds light on how to live. This book is not for the casual reader. It is to set straight what has been lost. It is to reveal the truth and set you free.



About the Author
Oliver is a devoted Christian who spent countless hours praying, meditating and listening to the voice of God. His training does not come from formal teaching methods received from universities or under an apprenticeship of a pastor; his mentor has always been Jesus.



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