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Tracks: Part 1 - The Beginning (in Search of Bigfoot) by Stan Cain

Tracks: Part 1 - The Beginning (in Search of Bigfoot)

by Stan Cain

448 pages
The never-ending search for the elusive creature called "Bigfoot."

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
This is a story of fiction that deals with a real life question: If Bigfoot really exists, then why have no remains ever been found?

The answer to this question and others unfolds as three strangers, from different walks of life, come together on a single quest.

All three are in search of the creature called “Bigfoot.” One, the nephew of a powerful senator, is a young man fresh out of college and a greenhorn when it comes to the ways of the woods. The second, a college professor, has some knowledge of the creatures. They both come to rely on the third man, an ex-Marine who has experience in surviving difficult situations – plus the unusual ability to see auras.

The three newfound friends discover more than they could imagine possible as their mission takes them into the wilds of Southeast Texas. The residence believe these men are filming a wildlife documentary, but they have actually been commissioned by a senator from West Virginia to investigate the area where sightings have been reported and find proof the creatures exist.

To find the answer their search takes them not only through the wilderness, but also back into history as spelled out in the King James Bible, and then into the halls of Congress in an effort to save a species that many never believed existed.

While facing many challenges, they learn about themselves, each other, and some amazing secrets shared by the creatures. Such knowledge comes with a cost, however, especially for the one who faces the ultimate price.

Tracks begins a journey of discovery with the first two parts of a four-part adventure that will ultimately span several decades. Finding the creatures is just the beginning. Survival becomes the next challenge.



About the Author
Stan, 86, a World War II Navy veteran, retired welder-iron worker, is noted for engineering solutions to problems – all with an eighth-grade education. His creativity included painting and now writing. He and his wife of 66 years, of Illinois, have two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.



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