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Southerly Wind: Gold Brooch by Frid Ingulstad

Southerly Wind: Gold Brooch

by Frid Ingulstad

222 pages
The year is 1905. Elise works in a spinning mill in Christiania, Norway...

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The year is 1905. Elise works in a spinning mill in Christiania, Norway, (Oslo's former name) to provide for her family of six. With her mother ill, and her father a drunk, Elise and her sister are forced to work long hours and look after their younger siblings. Close to a river that runs through the city, with rough streams and waterfalls, the family lives in a place called Sagene. Johan, the strongest and most handsome young man in Sagene, lives one floor under them. He and Elise are childhood friends—and sweethearts.

On an extremely cold January day Elise finds a little object in the snow. That incident brings dramatic changes in the lives of Elise and Johan. Johan studied it a second, and looked her in the eye. “Where did you find it?”

“Right outside here. I’m so scared someone will think I stole it. What do you think I should do with it? Should I go to the police? Or to the director? Maybe it’s his daughter who lost it?”

Johan stood and thought a minute, then stuck it in his own pocket.

Southerly Wind is the story about Elise's life, her struggle to avoid poverty and the love she experiences inspite of pressing despair.



About the Author
Frid Ingulstad The author Frid Ingulstad (born 1935), has published over 200 books, ranging from a variety of genres: children's books and non-fiction - but her big breakthrough came in 2000, with series novels. She writes eight novels each year, reaching a quarter of million readers with Southerly Wind. Writing is her passion!



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