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AGGIE'S PLACE by Nuala Lyons


by Nuala Lyons

282 pages
Bookseller Aggie receives a death threat. Ian hires a bodyguard.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Aggie Hanrahan owns a bookshop in Rathfarnham Village and runs with her dog Madra every morning in Tymon Park. One morning Madra stops and growls at a man who is racing towards them. Aggie discovers he is an old friend from childhood, Ian Moore.

A seventy-eight year old friend and literary sparring partner, Mr. Leo Ireland, is found dead in his bed. The Gardai investigate and discover he had been murdered.

Her second-hand books are rearranged on the table. Ian changes the locks plus the code on her alarm system. Her triplets are concerned. Is it teenagers playing tricks or is there a more sinister explanation?

When she receives a death threat, the Gardai say they do not have the man-power to protect her.

Why is Aggie being threatened? What does she know about Leo's hidden cache of diamonds? And why is Aggie's old boyfriend hanging around her?

Detectives Monaghan and King wonder if Aggie knows more then she admits and why did Leo give her an expensive rare book as a gift?



About the Author
Nuala Lyons has written short stories in women's magazines. She worked with the "writers in schools" education section in Poetry Ireland and served on the board of Children's Books Ireland. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and lives with her husband in Dublin, Ireland.



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