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From the Anthem City by Mike Romeo

From the Anthem City

by Mike Romeo

248 pages
Vintage football, cryptic verses, and vengeance that reaches across decades.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The man looked away momentarily, then leaned in closer. He locked eyes with Clint. “I was right,” he said. “Those quatrains are prophetic.”

1906. A newspaper stages a football tournament it bills as the world championship. Eleven teams battle for the title. Suddenly, tragedy strikes. The tournament is all but lost to history, the winner goes unrecognized, the prize money vanishes.

1974. Clint Ronson – Vietnam vet, ex- CID, jilted fiancé – is marking time as a private investigator in Pittsburgh. When the prize money from a long-forgotten football tournament resurfaces, Clint gets the assignment to find out who won. Unknown to him, the danger that shadowed the tournament reaches across the years, threatening anyone who tries to solve the mystery. Ronson’s investigation runs into a maze of dead-ends with off-beat or suspicious characters at every turn. Then he receives a set of cryptic verses. Do they contain clues that point to the winner? Or do they hold a secret that has shaped the results of football games for decades?



About the Author
Mike Romeo is a pen name created from the phonetic alphabet pronunciation of two adjoining letters in the author’s real name.



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