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ZetaZ by J. K. Bozeman


by J. K. Bozeman

270 pages
ER doctor encounters gang violence during rescue of kidnapped neighbor.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
ZetaZ is the gang tag Mac, an ER doctor, finds on his neighbor Alicia’s door when he discovers her missing. When her younger brother Alex shows up, relieved of the fifty-thousand-dollar ransom sent by her wealthy family in Mexico, Mac turns to his cousin and life-long best friend, Rod, with whom he shares a troubled past.

Rod is a former Marine who currently works as a contract security specialist in privatized intelligence operations. Driven by his love for Alex, he gathers a crew to find and extract Alicia.

When the ZetaZ seize Mac’s fifteen-year-old son, Jeremy, the crew is able to locate the hostages by his cell phone.
During the rescue attempt at a run-down apartment house teeming with poor Latino immigrants, Mac is taken prisoner. He’s able to escape with his son and Alicia when the gang is distracted by a skirmish with the crew, during which three crew members are wounded and Rod sustains a life-threatening knife wound.

A rival gang takes advantage of the ZetaZ’s distraction to mow down several of them in a drive-by shooting.
The ZetaZ seek revenge by fire-bombing Mac’s apartment and planting a bomb in his car, killing a young hospital orderly and sending Mac into an emotional nosedive.

After Rod and Mac survive a harrowing “demolition derby” in which they are pelted with gunfire from three vehicles, they grab Jeremy and flee to Athens, then on to Santorini, where Mac works his way through guilt and grief, helps Rod accept his love for Alex, and renews his bond with his son.


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About the Author
J. K. Bozeman grew up on a ranch near Dallas, has traveled extensively and lived in Phoenix, Denver, rural Thailand, Mexico City, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Munich and Manhattan. His other novels include The Antinoös Scheme, Doodlebug, Cute Blond, I KILL AT WILL and Getting Somewhere.



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