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The Can't Miss Kid by Bob O'Brien

The Can't Miss Kid

by Bob O'Brien

298 pages
A new, fast moving western novel set in 1892 Montana.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Tom Feeney, known as the "Can't Miss Kid", ex-lawman, ex-gunfighter, famous for exploits in dime novels and newspaper articles throughout the West, and now semi-retired to the quiet ranch life in 1892 Montana, thinks all is well in his world, but he's wrong. Somebody wants him dead. NOW!

Other characters include:

Marshall Chester Lee Horseman, Tom's best friend of 25 years, well educated West Point graduate, ex-U.S. Marshall, ex-Texas Ranger and now marshal of Brown Bear Montana on the Little Powder River.

P.A. Dean, 21-year-old new deputy marshal and livery-stable hand, green but learning.

Ola Hawkins, rough as they come ex-cook on sailing ships and now owner-operator/madam of the only café-saloon for miles around who is hiding secrets.

Margo Cutrer, Ola Hawkins' sister, also coming ashore from sailing ships, but much younger and more refined than her sister. She came to reconcile with and help her sister, but fell in love along the way.

Harold Dean, P.A.'s uncle and owner/operator of the livery stable.

Cy Enfield operator of the Wells Fargo relay station west of Brown Bear. An old timer just getting by.

A mysterious registered letter and much more, including the evil and deadly "Toree" Altieri and the love of Tom's life, fugitive Annie, among others.



About the Author
Bob O'Brien A native of Elkins WV, Mr. O'Brien retired from the Federal Government after 31 years, had a follow-up career with Airborne/DHL in Columbus OH and U.S. Courier in Clearwater FL. He has been a essayist and movie buff and musicologist for many years and is known world wide as "bobsluckycat" on many blogs.



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