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Dreamscape by Daniel Moynihan


by Daniel Moynihan

258 pages
A young couple meet in a Heavenly dream.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
David Murphy is a 27-year-old mechanic from a suburb of Buffalo who has been having dreams for two consecutive nights where he seems to be in a part of heaven. On the third night he dreams of this place again; only this time he sees a young woman near a majestic waterfall. Before he can speak to her she vanishes from his sight. David has an engaged couple he is friends with named Ryan and Michelle that he can tell about his dreams. They are very skeptical.

Lucy is a 25 year old elementary school teacher from a suburb of Pittsburgh who has also been having the same type of dream as David for consecutive nights. While standing by a majestic waterfall she sees a young man approaching her. The next thing she knows she has woken up from the dream.

As the dreams continue they realize they are dreaming of Heaven. They are informed of this by angels. As each dream occurs they remember more and more of their earthly life. They both start calling the place they keep coming to the "Dreamscape." During their waking hours on earth, they realize they need to remember to ask for contact information for each other during a dream so they can find one another on earth.

In the course of the next dream David remembers to discuss contact information. David gives his to Lucy; but before he can get her information he vanishes as his alarm is going off on earth; thus waking him up. He is extremely frustrated and goes for a morning run. While running he is struck by a motorist who is texting while driving. David is critically injured and diagnosed with an irreversible coma. He is not expected to survive.

Meanwhile Lucy has woken up and is excited that she has Davidís place of employment in Tonawanda NY. She reasons if she looks him up there she will be able to find him. She has to go to work, so she resolves that she will look up his place on the internet after work.

She comes home and while looking up the Tonawanda newspaper online, she sees a headline article stating that a David Murphy was struck by a hit and run driver and is in critical condition at Samaritan Hospital in Buffalo. She calls the hospital to inquire as to his condition but is simply told that he is critical. She decides to drive to Tonawanda. She has to know if it is him.

Meanwhile Davidís soul is back in the Dreamscape. He is introduced to the Apostle Thomas who tells him that perilous times are coming upon the earth.

Will Lucy find David? Will David be healed and allowed to return to Earth? What is Godís purpose in allowing these two people to meet in such unusual circumstances?



About the Author
Daniel Moynihan Dan Moynihan has taught Bible studies to prisoners at a New York State prison. He was an associate pastor at Abundant Life Fellowship in Boonville, New York. He has taught Biblical studies at various churches throughout New York State.



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