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The Secret of the Tower by Elizabeth Eng

The Secret of the Tower

by Elizabeth Eng

108 pages
Mysterious people, locked doors, and scares aplenty!

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Who knew a fourteen-year-old could become a hero? Charmaine Harp isn’t looking for adventure when she begins her job as a camp counselor in Rochester, New York. To her surprise, it turns into much more than just summer work. With strange noises, disappearing objects and scares aplenty, this is not your average summer camp.

Locked doors, mysterious people, even bats attract Charmaine’s curiosity to delve into the mystery of the tower room. She teams up with her friends to discover the identity of the rec center’s elusive tenant, but her attempts set the stage to threaten her friendships and even her own well being. Finally taking matters into her own hands, she seizes one last gamble to catch the phantom. Will Charmaine discover the resident of the tower room before another person is placed in danger?



About the Author
Elizabeth Eng Elizabeth Eng is a former teacher who has combined her love of mysteries with her fondness for Rochester, New York. She resides on the state’s “North Coast” with her family.



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