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Truth Will Set You Free by John R. Wilson

Truth Will Set You Free

by John R. Wilson

196 pages
The Way is not the path; it is the journey.

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About the Book
Religion is all about perception. Have you noticed that almost every one of us, no matter who we are, fervently believes that the religion we presently follow is the most credible one? We may have “seen the light,” “got religion,” or simply “believed;” no matter how we came to affiliate with our current religious tradition, we did so because it seemed to make sense to us. Talk to anyone and he or she will likely identify their current belief system as the correct one.


There are many religions vying for the top spot; how do we actually know which is the right one? Which one of these ways really is the “Way”? How is it that so many religions claim divine inspiration and absolute truth? All of these followers sincerely believe they are on the right path. Apparently, every person believes that the religion with the most validity is the one THEY themselves believe in. Which is the right religion depends on the person you ask and the diversity of opinions actually reveals a credible answer: all religions contain the potential for Truth.


Individual perspective explains the divergent and conflicting beliefs that people profess. Ultimate Reality (Divinity, Universal Principle, God) “Is” and can be discovered, but each of us unveils it in our own way, in our own time, and through our own experience. That is the basis for so many world religions, divisions, denominations, sects, groups, organizations, cults and pathways. Each of us understands the Essence of Life or the Divine from his or her personal point of view and aligns with religions, groups, and paths that share a similar viewpoint.


Sooner or later, it dawns on many of us, “Truth is not confined to any one religion but embraces them all.” The right Way is not a particular religion, belief or path; it is the journey itself. Our preferred religion seems true to us because we have chosen to believe in a particular God-person, to believe particular things about particular scriptures, or to believe in a particular faith tradition. Our present set of beliefs constitutes our viewpoint for the time being, in the here and now. It represents an understanding that “this is my path; this is the way I must follow.” Most of us believe this about our own religious point of view.


The Truth that unfolds before our very eyes is that everyone is orchestrating their own journey of freedom and wholeness. Truth involves the understanding that we opted for our religious views in the past, we select and maintain our present beliefs, and we choose the direction of our future spiritual focus. True religion is not about submitting to a particular god, scripture, doctrine, assembly, holy person, technique, or teacher. True religion is about liberation; it affirms your freedom to be . . . YOU. Likely, you already know that, perceive it, and are aware of it on some level; "Truth Will Set You Free" and nothing else is required.



About the Author
John R. Wilson received a Bachelor of Arts from Toccoa Falls College, a Master of Divinity with Religious Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Master of Science from North Carolina State University. Wilson’s interests and proclivities include: spirituality, mysticism, analysis, synthesis, justice, service, lifelong learning, and creativity.



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