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Virus Run by Jaxon

Virus Run

by Jaxon

105 pages
Virus Run is an educational, entertaining, enlightening, cyberpunk novel that moves through an adventure in virtual reality, romance and mortal danger within the world of dreams. Come and run with the virus while you find your spirit.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book
Visit the future of Virtual Reality and the human spirit as the hero of Virus Run escapes a computer virus, planted in his consciousness. Struggle along side our hero with the questions of what humanity is while watching the line between spirit and mind fade away. Challenge yourself to learn the difference between humanity and technology in the adventure of a lifetime.



About the Author
Jaxon Jaxon, a computer programmer, a computer artist and a seer of philosophical art, creates to enlighten man's spirit with questions for the millennium. Dealing mostly with maturing souls, his works are set in the realm of the imagination and potential of mankind. Wanting to leave the focus on his work's message of growth, he stands outside of the light of his endeavors so that its message will not be tainted by his individuality; Jaxon has no desire to stand in the light himself and therefore leaves his bio to his work.



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