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Jennifer by Suzanne Elliott


by Suzanne Elliott

314 pages
Mystery at its finest. Murder, Romance with heart warming prose.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Doctor Jennifer Green learned the hard way about emergency medicine when she rejected a patient's advances. His revenge - MURDER!

She started to receive bouquets of beautiful roses. Then the cards enclosed changed from friendly to death threats.
Her car was rammed and forced into the path of another car. There was the crunch of metal upon metal. It was a miracle she survived. Her car didn't. She came home from the hospital in a neck brace.

Lt. Brad Nelson, Dallas Police came on the case soon discovering her stalker was possibly responsible for other recent deaths in the Dallas area. Four women had been murdered. All were redheads like Jennifer and the women were in the medical field. Would she become statistic number five?

Jennifer started her vacation but was warned to stay out of the public eye. She was scared and definitely bored. She decided it was a toss-up as to which she preferred. Nuisance phone calls and the delivery of flowers persisted. Her front window was soon shattered by gun fire. She was moved to a safe house immediately.

Her condo was torched. Her best friend, Ann Fowler was kidnapped, the killer trying to pry information from her on Jennifer's whereabouts. The police tracked Ann's cell phone and rescued her. Ann told the police her kidnapper had remarked he knew where all the safe houses were located.

With the safe houses compromised the Lt. moved Jennifer to his lake house two hours north of the city. Brad had brought along his cat, Boo in her carrier since he didn't know just when he would return home. The cat took to Jennifer like a bear to honey. Jennifer was a goner!

The Lt whose wife had been murdered four years earlier found himself falling for Jennifer.

Jennifer fought her attraction for the handsome Lt. wondering if the car accident had addled her thinking. But soon she couldn't deny the attraction any longer. She was in love! But would she live long enough for them to build a life together?

It was as if Satan had taken it upon himself to chase her down. Heaven help her, she thought….

The killer had put a tracer on the Lt's car and followed them to the new location. He breaks into the house, but everyone is able to escape, but will they be this lucky the next time?

He tries again while the Lt. and the former Deputy are away from the cottage.He holds Jennifer and the Deputy's wife hostage.

Brad and his friend come back and discover the girls are being held. Brad waits for his chance to intervene. Jennifer sees an opening and makes a break for it and is shot in the shoulder. Will she survive the killer's clutches?

Read the final chapters and see the surprising and exciting ending.



About the Author
Suzanne Elliott A widow, Sue has four grown children and nine grandchildren. She is a graduate of Christian College for Women and a Certified Paralegal. Sue is listed in the 2011-2012 edition of the Cambridge Registry of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs and the author of New Account Murders, Willoughby, and Jennifer.



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