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Alexandra's Secret by Annie Laura Smith

Alexandra's Secret

by Annie Laura Smith

184 pages
Search for a lost vital World War II invasion map

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The Allied invasion of Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944—Operation Overlord—is a familiar historical date known as D-Day. Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France, between Toulon and Cannes, is less well known.

The invasion of Southern France began on August 15, 1944, midway between Toulon and Cannes on the seacoast of Frejus and Cavalaire-sur-Mer. This operation was a prelude to the liberation not only of France, but of all Europe. Operation Dragoon forces advanced rapidly northward into the Rhône Valley where they joined forces with Operation Overlord. Working in concert, both invasions contributed to the Allied victory over Germany during World War II.

Operatives from the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), American Office of Strategic Services (OSS)—such as Alexandra Cockrell, and Allied military officers detailed to the Special Security Command (SSC)—like Lt. Jason Norris, worked with the Resistance members such as Michelle Devray in the occupied countries to ensure the success of these operations. A Basque guide, known only as Jacques, led Cockrell and Norris to safety over the Pyrénées. The Allied lives, as well as those of the Resistance members and their Basque guides, were in danger throughout these vital missions. This is their story.



About the Author
Annie Laura Smith Annie Laura Smith is the author of stories, articles, and curriculum materials. Other World War II novels: The Legacy of Bletchley Park, Will Paris Burn? and Saving da Vinci. YA contemporary novels: Whispers in the Wind and First Place, Love. Two Early Readers biographies: Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong.



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