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Thank God for Michigan by J. Michael Joslin

Thank God for Michigan

by J. Michael Joslin

322 pages
A Michigan soldier's experiences in the American Civil War.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Thank God for Michigan relates the experiences of a farmer from Plymouth, Michigan, turned soldier, and the company he was enlisted in, Company C of the 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment.

When President Abraham Lincoln calls for more troops, Ralph Terry has mixed emotions as to whether or not to enlist, as he cannot see how it affects his life and sees no purpose in the war. His opinion of the South's desire to secede and become their own nation he expressed thusly, "So what? If that's what they want - let 'em!" His concerns are for his pregnant wife, and his farm, but after much thought and prayers, his decision is to enlist.

Over the next 3 years, Ralph Terry will suffer disease, wounds, the horrors of war, the loss of long time friends, and at times will lead him to question his faith. The effects of war will stay with him the rest of his life. Will Ralph Terry return home to his wife, the same man that she knew when he left 3 years before?


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About the Author
J. Michael Joslin, member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, is a self-taught historian with a love of America's history. He chose to write this story as he had several ancestors in the Civil War. Ralph Terry, his central character, is one of those ancestor's.



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