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The Party by Fred Beshid

The Party

by Fred Beshid

30 pages
Andy wants to be alone; unfortunately, heís at a party.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Andyís girlfriend, Marie, is pressuring him to attend a birthday party for her best friend, but he would rather be at home watching TV in his underwear. He reluctantly agrees to go after Marie makes him feel guilty. While Marie socializes with her friends, Andy looks for places to hide. The bathroom provides a temporary respite, but he soon finds himself forced to interact with an odd assortment of creative types. Since he canít hide he decides to make himself useful by taking care of some intoxicated partygoers.



About the Author
Fred Beshid is a Los Angeles-based novelist and filmmaker. He is the creator of the award-winning Museum of Fred, an online museum featuring thrift store paintings. In his free time, he serves as a volunteer arts administrator. Currently, he serves on the Development Committee for 826LA, a youth literacy project.



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