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Venice, CA: A City State of Mind by John O'Kane

Venice, CA: A City State of Mind

by John O'Kane

240 pages
A creative celebration and eulogy of the Venice alternative culture.

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Category: Writing:Creative Writing
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About the Book
This book is a reminiscence that celebrates Venice’s heyday as an alternative community and what survives from it in the present. Over the years it has been a magnet for masses of folks who wanted to come and hang out, break on through to the other side of whatever and experience its special qualities. They discovered one of the few remaining pockets of free living left in the US.

Is the “poor man’s beach” that once nurtured bohemians and creative life-stylists becoming just another upscale resort with wall-to-wall condos and gentrified A-frames? Have the creative been nearly replaced by professionals and upwardly mobile residents who breed a consumer climate of tourism and chainsaw juggling spectacles that stifles the creative?

While these changes are all too real, we’re not witnessing the demise of alternative Venice, at least not yet. And it’s unlikely we will. Social, political and economic conditions made this free-spirited place, and they can remake it. Plus the city’s creative state of mind has been deeply rooted over its better than a century of existence. The effects of this seeding have driven many inspired inhabitants to pass the torch. These catalysts are haunted with the need to find new forms and outlets for creativity in the cracks of gentrification. Many ordinary folks live suspended in a time warp, influenced by both past and present, coping with and transforming current Venice while remaining optimistic about the future. They are proud bearers of its history.



About the Author
John O’Kane teaches writing and media at the University of California, and has published AMASS Magazine since 1988. He has published many articles and essays, as well as pieces of journalism, poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, in a variety of publications. His book of literary journalism is due out soon.



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