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DAKINI'S LOVER: A Novel of Awakening by E. W. Fleming

DAKINI'S LOVER: A Novel of Awakening

by E. W. Fleming

420 pages
A novel of spiritual awakening through sacred sexuality in Tibet.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
DAKINI'S LOVER is E. W. Fleming's first novel and invites readers into the mysticism and landscapes of Old Tibet in a story of uninvited love in a strange place, dangerous family ties, an aging shaman who teaches sensual Tantric awakening, a treacherous shape-shifter and a young man who is too wealthy for his own good, rebel nuns and endangered tigers, lost pilgrims and mended hearts.

In this entertaining and enlightening book, a spoiled young Rich Man, born into a wealthy Tibetan family, defies parental disapproval as he learns important lessons in Wisdom, Compassion and Skillful Use of Pleasure from an older shaman woman named "Dakini." Their unexpected passion transcends even death.

Living in a charnel ground, a burial place, Dakini teaches young village men and women, who come to her as seekers and rebels, the hidden lessons of Tantra. Her difficult students learn how to become Tantra teachers themselves as Dakini reminds them of what they must do to awaken. Dakini is astonished when the newest student, the young Rich Man, stumbles into her life accidentally and brings with him a family secret that both horrifies and enchants her.

The story is narrated by a shy young Tigress, who is Dakini's apprentice and who describes in detail the practices and philosophy of the mysterious Tantric teachings of ancient Tibet.

Tantra meditations and practices are included in an Appendix in DAKINI'S LOVER, illustrated and elucidated, for those who wish to step onto this mystical path themselves.



About the Author
E. W. Fleming is a parent, grandparent, author, workshop leader and company manager who graduated from Cornell University (BA) and the University of California at Irvine (MFA). Fleming will publish a collection of poems next year and a book of advice for three-generational families who want to live together amicably.



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