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40 JOURNEYS OF JESUS: The Untold Story - A Historical Novel by I. Mac Perry

40 JOURNEYS OF JESUS: The Untold Story - A Historical Novel

by I. Mac Perry

368 pages
Follow Jesus' every step to 65 towns.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
37 years in the making, this long-term research project has finally come to an end. Biblical historian I. Mac Perry has written an epic novel of the untold story of the 40 Journeys of Jesus, the gospel like you’ve never heard it before.

Spanning nearly three years, this Bible-based story, written in present tense, has you following Jesus' every move as he hikes 1720 miles through 65 towns teaching, healing, gathering followers, and evading arrests from Pharisees and Scribes who are always hidden in the crowds, watching and waiting for Jesus to break the law so they can arrest him and behead him the way they did his cousin John the Baptist.

You will enter the homes, shops, fishing boats, synagogues, and market places of 1st century Palestine.
You will meet the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans boiling in a cauldron of conflicting cultures.
You will witness the unusual relationship Jesus had with women: his mother and two sisters, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, and Joanna who lived in Herod's palace.
You will hear Jesus' every word and stand beside him when he teaches and reprimands his disciples.
You will watch Jesus struggle to understand why, after 30 years, he now has such power and authority over nature.
You will witness God’s hand upon him, molding him from a simple carpenter to the sacrificial Lamb of God.
You will experience Jesus as you have never experienced him before

If you like history, geography, biographies, epic tales, or want to better understand the man to whom 2 billion people (1/3 of the human race) call the Son of God: then this book is for you.

Follow Jesus’ every step as he obeys a mysterious call to abandon his carpenter shop and journey a hundred miles to the lower Jordan Valley to be baptized by his cousin. See the water turn into wine in Cana, all 162 gallons of it. Learn why Jesus left his family and business in Nazareth and moved to Capernaum, why he would not join his mother at the Passover in Jerusalem, why he left the country and journeyed up to today’s Lebanon, why he quit teaching the Jews and went to the Greek villages east of the Sea of Galilee and why they chased him back to Palestine, why the Samaritans hated him, and what strange thing happened when he journeyed to the snow-capped mountains of today’s Syria.

Perry weaves the various Bible stories and verses into a chronological tale that allows you to experience events as they happened, places as they appeared, and people fleshed out and brought to life. It all comes together in I. Mac Perry’s 40 Journeys of Jesus: The Untold Story.



About the Author
I. Mac Perry Author of ten books including the ever-popular The Bible: Why Trust It and a missionary manual used in over 100 countries, Perry holds advanced degrees in Religious Education and Scriptural Literature and taught Life of Christ, Missions, and Apologetics at the college level.



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