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RAT: A Cop's Secret Weapon by Edmond Gagnon

RAT: A Cop's Secret Weapon

by Edmond Gagnon

252 pages
A cop uses informants as secret weapons to fight crime.

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About the Book
Police informants exist in a netherworld that very few people dare venture into. They reach out from the darkness to the police, shedding light on the worst of criminals. Their anonymity is crucial to their success and survival. "Rat" tells how one cop used his arsenal of police informants as secret weapons in his fight against crime.

The main character in Rat is based on the author's personal experience as a police officer. The story follows Norm Strom from his rookie days walking a beat, to his retirement as a seasoned detective investigating deadly Arson. The book is loaded with police action, but it also gets personal, focusing on Norm's informants... who they were, why they informed, and how it affected their lives.

Rat draws the reader in for a close look at the underbelly of society, through a cop's eyes. You are introduced to murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes, and the secret informants who complete the circle of life on the street. Follow Norm Strom through his transformation from a naive teenager, to street cop, then undercover cop, and eventually a seasoned detective.

An informant can be someone in your family, a neighbor, or known criminal. You walk and live among them every day. They are sometimes a necessary ingredient to successful police investigations. The police refer to them as confidential sources. Others prefer to call them a Rat.


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About the Author
Edmond Gagnon Edmond Gagnon was a police officer for over thirty-one years. He retired a seasoned detective and traveled the world. After retirement Ed wrote his first book A Casual Traveler. Ed caught the writing bug and decided to write about all the police informants he worked with.



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