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HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD: The Inside Story by Rick Friedberg


by Rick Friedberg

200 pages
An insider's view on how to break into show business.

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Category: Entertainment:Movies:Digital Video
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About the Book
How to Make It in Hollywood: The Inside Story is an often funny, always enlightening insider's view on how to break into the world of show business and navigate its shark-infested waters.

Filled with anecdotal "war stories" of working with Academy-award winning talent, each short chapter explains a rule to follow to "make it" in Hollywood, from " It's All About Passion" to "Good Ideas Don't Just Fall Off a Turnip Truck,"Humility is a Highly Over-rated Virtue" and much, much more.

Coming from Cheyenne, Wyoming, with no family, friends or contacts in the entertainment business, author Rick Friedberg became an award-winning writer/director of movies, television, TV commercials, music videos, documentaries and digital media. His experiences, told with candor and humor, encompass the do's and dont's of dealing with the frustrations, rejection and politics that can and must be overcome to forge a career in show business.

Some say this book is funnier than Julia Phillips' You'll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again," less "sour grapes" than Joe Esterhaz's Hollywood Animal and more broadly encompassing than William Goldman's Adventures in the Screen Trade.


“Rick Friedberg has written a wild, riveting account of his Hollywood life. He's a great storyteller. Loved it."
- Adriana Trigiani, N.Y. Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker's Wife
“I wish I could have read this book at the beginning of my career as the advice offered would have saved me a lot of pain. Funny, factual, fascinating. A must read.”
- Scott Dunlop, Creator/Exec. Producer, The Real Housewives of Orange County
“Mr Friedberg accurately tells the story as I lived it when I worked in production. This is a book to read straight through at first, and then keep handy to re-read it, quote it, and laugh some more. “
- Donna Wells
“This book is an informative how-to for people looking to get into Hollywood. Friedberg has a great voice; he's clever, silly, and raw. A great read! Highly recommended.”
- Jonathan Miller, CEO, Two-Trick Pony Productions
"Rick Friedberg's wry and insightful perspective makes for a delightful read, revealing many tips, tricks and trappings from his encounters with the filmmaking machinery.”
- Marc Grossman, Editor, Project Runway
“Rick Friedberg's book made me laugh out loud from start to finish! Very captivating for a non-Hollywood person as myself.”
- Robin Shain, speech pathologist
“Rick Friedberg wrote a funny book about a crazy/odd/funny business where people speak in code and where style almost always trumps substance. I wish he had written it before I moved west!”
- M. Deane, CEO, Modern Times Films
“If this book is not on the required reading list for Cinema 101, it must be a conspiracy. It's authentic. It's educational. And it's funny, too.”
- Jim Belson, PhD, CEO Belson/Hanwright Video
“This road map to managing Hollywood was the most straight forward and honest book I have read in a long time. Rick's an intelligent, interesting and witty story teller. It's a good read! “
- Felice H., New York City, N.Y.
“Friedberg's book should be handed out at the Los Angeles city limits and be required reading in every film class in every school in the country.”
- Dick Chudnow, CEO, Comedy Sportz
"Friedberg tells it like it is but with humor and modesty. Read it; you'll learn something.“
- Lynn R., New York, NY
“I laughed, I cried..... I Identified! Good,funny perspective on one of the strangest ways to make a living.”
- Paul Addis, CEO, Ambitious Entertainment
“An easy read and most enjoyable to learn how Hollywood operates. Very informative and still fun to read.
- Norm S., Sarasota, Fl.
“This is a must read for anyone hoping to make it onto the big screen.”
- Krats, M.D., Albuquerque, NM.
“This book is a reminder that not just anybody has the tenacity to enjoy success in Hollywood. It should be a must-read for aspiring young want-to-bees.”
- Georgia S., Ft Collins, Co.
“Interesting take on Hollywood. Well written and humorous.”
- Harriet Zisman, San Francisco, CA
“I read Friedberg's book when I first saw it on Amazon, and I am buying additional copies for Holiday gifts. Lot's of people I know need to read this book before they go out to Hollywood.”
- Chudliner, Milwaukee, WI
“Not only is Rick Friedberg's newest book entertaining, but educational. Keep it handy, it's well worth a "REREAD.”
- N. Stark
“This is a guide book for that just graduated, stars- in-the-eyes youngster moving to the big city looking for the big H.
- Stan S.
“Phunny. Phactual. Phenomenal. This is a road map to your star on Hollywood Boulevard and your feet in Grauman's cement with a lot of guffaws and She-did-what!s along the way. A treat even if you don't have stars in your eyes.”
- Ingot, Hollywood, CA



About the Author
Rick Friedberg is an award-winning writer/director of movies (Spy Hard), episodic TV (CSI-Miami), reality TV (The Real Housewives of Orange County), documentaries (Rodeo Cowboy), music videos (“Hot for Teacher”), and national and international TV commercials (shown during the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA playoffs).



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