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A Line in the Sand by Charlie King

A Line in the Sand

by Charlie King

272 pages
Salid Mandal takes Kuwait, but not the way Saddam did.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
With the sanctions imposed after Desert Storm partially lifted, partially disregarded and wholly unenforced, an Iraqi Dictator is again lusting after Kuwait's oil fields and seaports. But Salid Mandal recognizes that there's an easier way to take Kuwait than by force of arms. He'll use the hoard of Palestinain refugees deported from the West Bank and Gaza after Israel's short lived efforts at peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. He'll use Yasir Assad; an Iraqi Army Commander who happens to be Palestinian by birth, support him with a ruthless security organization, and will mold Kuwait's Palestinian workers into a tool. He'll build an apparent Palestinain Solidarity Union, with a KGB soul.

When the United Brotherhood of Kuwait Workers surfaces, Toshi Nasiatka fears his new prototype refinery near the Kuwait border may be swept up by whomever is backing the sudden labor movement. He knows the Saudis would destroy it with artillery fire, rather than let the interlopers prosper from their thieving ways. His solution? If the refinery were temporarily out of commission, it might not be targeted, and who better to cripple it than Oliver Bird, the man who built it.

Ambassador Gibson is as shocked as the rest of the world when sudden change happens, but he doesn't buy a blossoming trade union springing from the desert sands. With the help of Colonel John Jones' Anti-Terrorist Task Force, and CNN's energy correspondent, he plans to find the real story.



About the Author
The son of a career Navy man, Charlie King has lived and worked as a Naval Aviation Medical Technician, as an Ironworker, an Undergroung Miner, and an Alaska Commercial Fisherman. Currently he is a member of a three man multinational construction management team overseeing construction on military bases.



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