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Mystery Of The Shrieking Island by R. T. Byrum

Mystery Of The Shrieking Island

by R. T. Byrum

165 pages
New Series ­The Carver cousins and their Indiana Jones-type adventures.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book

Dave and Andy Carver are teen-age cousins who live a thousand miles apart; Dave on Florida Gulf Coast, and Andy in the mountains near Denver. During school breaks and holidays, they take turns visiting each other. They both love flying, scuba diving, computers, and anything that smacks of high adventure.

In this series debut, Andy arrives in Florida for a weekend camping trip that soon turns deadly. The Carvers and three close friends have become embroiled in a baffling mystery that begins even before their first scary night on Sea Gate Island.

While road testing their newly completed dune buggy, SandWitch, the Carvers discover thousands of dead fish and other marine life that have washed up on public beaches. Later, while attempting to determine the location of a stolen refinery barge, they are stalked by strangers with murderous intentions.

Before it's too late, the five young campers must learn how those earlier events connect with the terrifying wounded animal-like shrieks and teeth-rattling tremors they encounter on Sea Gate Island. The constant presence of danger makes their weekend one they'll all remember.

Move over Indiana Jones and MacGyver -- the Carver cousins have arrived!



About the Author
R.T. Byrum has completed six Carver Cousins books based on his lifetime love of adventure. His resume' reads: Disk Jockey, CBC Star of children's show, Professor of Broadcast Communications, and Writer, Producer, Director of commercials, specials, and news reports. He lives in Georgia with his favorite literary critic, his wife, Karen.



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