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Final Approach by Dean Westover

Final Approach

by Dean Westover

220 pages
20-year span in Dean Westover’s career piloting aircraft throughout the United States.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Final Approach is a soulful book about an unlikely pilot. It captures a 20-year span in Dean Westover’s life. Those were years spent flying various aircraft throughout the United States. Final Approach recounts dozens of memorable flights spanning two decades. Dean is a master storyteller. He brings each flight to life with humor and wit, weaving in a few “life lessons” along the way. A must read for aviators and passengers alike. In Dean's own words:

"This is a story that I believe proves that, if you believe in something you want to happen no matter what, that goal can be reached.

When I was born in New Hampshire in 1934, our nation was just coming out of a depression. There was little money and few jobs to be had. Due to the economic condition of the country, I spent most of my younger years being raised by my grandparents on a farm. I think it was then that my dream of flying started to take shape, even though it was probably not the best time for a future aviator to be born. I just knew it could happen if I worked at it hard enough, and eventually I was right.

Final Approach captures a short span in my life – only 20 years. Yet, there was more living during that period than some people have in a lifetime. Those quick years proved to me that, if you have a dream and it really excites you, you should not throw it away. Wrap it up and put it in an inner pocket. Not a pocket in your coat or pants, but a pocket in your soul. Keep it protected there, but don’t forget about it. One day you will be in the right place at the right moment. Your dream will hop out and yell, 'Make me happen!'

When you check in on your dream, you have to find a quiet place. It has to be just you, the silence of your soul, and your dream. It takes faith to believe that your dream will really happen – that the right time, place, and people will come along. Your end of the deal is to never give up. For me the result was well worth it, and I believe it can happen for others. In any case, I sincerely hope you will enjoy my journey, and thank you for the opportunity to share it with you."



About the Author
Dean Westover Dean Westover was born in Peterborough, NH, in 1934. As a boy, Dean fell in love with aviation. Flying became his profession, and for two decades he flew airplanes across the United States. When his flying career unexpectedly ended, he became involved in the electronics industry. He retired in 1999.



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