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Shards by Rod R. Surratt


by Rod R. Surratt

612 pages
Two Royal Guardians avenge the family they failed to protect.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
How much would you sacrifice for vengeance? What measure of your conscience, your time, your reputation and even your own body would you be willing to part with to avenge the death of someone loved and lost – even if revenge offered not the slightest chance of bringing them back? Would you sacrifice what is most precious to you in life?

SHARDS tells the story of two Royal Guardians who fail in the sole function of their office: to protect the lives of those to whom they are bound. This tale poses the question: what happens when such men seek revenge, futilely, knowing it is too late to regain the lives of those loved and lost?

As challenges arise, each man is forced to face this futility of retribution, but these brothers Draco also discover that the forces they are up against may be supernatural, and perhaps unsurpassable in nature. Yet each man strives to fulfill the vow sworn at his Induction: “Forever loyal and vigilant, as Guardian of your life: until your last dying breath… or my final sacrifice.” If not victorious, then let our enemies be the rock we break ourselves upon.



About the Author
Rod R. Surratt In addition to SHARDS, Rod R. Surratt is the author of two screenplays, one sci-fi/horror short story entitled Spartan Shell, and several short stage-plays. One of these plays, The Last 5 Minutes, was produced twice at Fullerton College. He lives in Anaheim Hills, CA.



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