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Willow Wood by Laurie Melrose

Willow Wood

by Laurie Melrose

238 pages
Adventure, magic, saving the planet - Caitlin does it all!

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
WINNER - Honorable Mention - 2013 Southern California Book Festival

When twelve-year-old Caitlin O’Toole learns that she’s part Fairy, and royalty to boot, will she jump for joy or hide in bed for the rest of summer?

During her summer visit to Aunt Maeve’s green home in Northern California, Caitlin comes face-to-face with a band of Fairies who tell her, in no uncertain terms, that she must correct the damage that Bumbles (otherwise known as humans) have caused; global warming, pollution, extinction of animals... and, oh yes, most importantly, the deaths of Fairies!

“Fairies? Here? Really? Isn’t that kid’s stuff? And, aren’t fairies supposed to live in England, or Ireland...or in fairy tales?” asks Caitlin.

As Caitlin’s Bumble-mind opens up to a world of new possibilities, magic trespasses into her everyday life. Pixies harass her during a hike, animals talk to her, and Spirit Orbs float mysteriously in the barn. Will Aunt Maeve discover Caitlin’s secret life and special powers? Can Caitlin possibly correct the damage that Bumbles have caused in her village and the world?



About the Author
As a young child, Laurie Melrose delighted her grandfather with one page illustrated stories. Later, she entertained her younger twin brothers with 3-4 page fantasies. As a Registered Nurse, Laurie still found time to write short stories, poems, a screenplay, and her first published middle grade fantasy, Willow Wood.



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